Mongrel Mouth Moreblessing Maturure

MM creates original, site-specific entertainment, theatre and events in unique locations, with simultaneous action,  where audiences can move freely. The audience members are immersed in the production with the actors,  to follow the  thread of the story they choose.

The choices the audience make with the characters affect the outcome of the story.

This is theatre where you don’t have to sit down and shut up! – Theatre you control!

MM  achieved immediate success in Sydney with its first two productions in 2014, The Silence Came and The Age of Entitlement and has  continued with new ground breaking shows and events,  including a National Tour with an immersive theatrical campaign and a diverse range of creative initiatives.

MM also creates bespoke events for clients seeking an edge in entertainment.

The new show for 2017 is in the final stage of script development and having just lead workshops in Mexico  MM is launching the new artist in residence program.

The company  collaborates with cast, creatives and audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds and creates original work that investigates dominant social structure.

The artists of  MM are united by a passion for creating socio-poiltical theatre that brings about social change and connection by inspiring and entertaining audiences.

MM believes that the individual, like the audience member, is  an active agent in determining their own experience in order to make change a reality .

The magic of MM’s work comes from  disrupting the  traditional audience-actor relationship and igniting an unpredictable theatrical dynamic;

“Chaos is our companion,” according to Director Duncan Maurice.