Like Me, a  mad world where nonsense is the new normal.

MM’s show earned  critical acclaim over the 4 week season in 2014 in The Rocks Sydney.

“Deeply unsettling but irresistibly exciting world will get your blood pumping and your feet moving” 1/2 stars  Sam Baran,  The Music

“The theatrical marvel that is Like Me.”  Emily Richardson, Absolute Theatre

“I found the experience moving and deeply human, and it will remain with me for along time” Jeannette Delamoir, Aussie Theatre

Set over 2 levels and 7 rooms of a real 18th century mansion with 9 characters the audience roamed free. They were immersed in the outrageous world and the choices they made determined the outcome of  the story each night.

This bizarre comedy was set in a derelict treatment center inhabited by a dysfunctional community of buffoons.  The  nine former patients  took over a once pristine clinic and turned it into a telecommunications junkyard. The audience wandered the halls, immersed in the inmates maze of mayhem. With all new original set design, costumes and music that MM has become known for.

The audience have an important part to play in the unfolding action and are free to explore the action occurring simultaneously in multiple spaces; each audience member has a unique and unpredictable experience.

The dystopian world of Like Me is inhabited by desperate characters, made delirious by ego, with one thing in common. High on the narcotic of narcissism the buffoons worship the only thing left worth caring for…themselves.

Is there any way back from their selfie obsession? Is it possible to find connection or even love in a world void of meaning?

Inspired by the work of French dramatic master Jacque LeCoq, Mongrel Mouth director Duncan Maurice  and company explores the art of the Bouffon, a performance style based on clownish mockery and the ridiculous.

Laughter is all we have left!

MM is proud to be working with The Rocks Pop-up, an initiative of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority that finds creative uses for temporarily vacant buildings, attracting new visitors to Sydney’s historic heart.

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ORIGINAL CAST Adam Connely,  Ali Crew, Angela Blake, Ben Scales, Charles Upton, Eli King, Latisha Owens, Moreblessing Maturure, Sharon Zeeman

CREATIVES Director, Producer, Co-Writer – Duncan Maurice, Co-Writer – Sharon Zeeman, Co-Writer – Angela Blake, Contributing Writers – Moreblessing Maturure and Charles Upton, Composer and Musical Director – David Hererro, Set Design – Gemma O’nions, Costume, Hair and Makeup – Designer Alex PF Jackson, Lighting Designer – Christopher Page, Assistant Stage Managers – Louie Diamontaye, Keziah Knight, Photos and Video – Chris Evans, Publicity – Kabuku PR