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The Brag – May, 2014

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“This piece is so far beyond traditional theatre that when you leave at the end, you’ll feel shaken, bewildered, and maybe angry. And theatre that makes you feel this strongly is the best kind of theatre. 4.5/5 stars”

- Hannah Warren, The Brag




The Sydney Morning Herald – April, 2014


“It’s ‘choose your own adventure’ in a way, but more complex than that,” Maurice says. “If the audience wants to get involved to the point that the whole event goes off the book, that’s exactly the kind of theatre we want to make.”

- Elissa Blake, Sydney Morning Herald



The Daily Telegraph – April, 2014

“Pieced together, the scenes tell a story – one inspired by the great narratives of our culture – the story and fables that endure down the ages.”

- Chris Hook, Daily Telegraph


The Brag – May, 2014




“The risk is in how audiences will react to being set free in a show. It’s exciting to break the conditioning of being told where to sit and when to get up and when to respond. Audiences are intelligent, astute and savvy – they deserve entertainment that trusts them, theatre that puts their desire at the centre,” says Maurice.

- Featured Article, The Brag




The North Shore Times – April, 2014

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“The house is physically open and you are seeing into people’s lives, people’s relationships with their partners and other people’s lives,” Campbell said.

Lauren Murada, North Shore Times





2SER 107.3 FM Interview – April, 2014