The Bee and the Tree – For Parents

Information for Parents

The Bee and the Tree is a show about friendship, empowerment and saving the world! It explores themes of community, co-operation, cultural diversity and environmental responsibility. And it’s lots of fun. The show is designed for children up to ten, but we’re sure people of all ages will find it entertaining

The production is interactive and immersive. This means children can engage with the characters, take part in games and activities integrated into the action of the play, or just sit and watch. The audience plays an important role in determining how the story unfolds. Participation is gently encouraged, but completely optional.

Parents and carers attend the show with their children and are encouraged to participate and help ensure that all children enjoy the show and feel safe and supported. Children can stay with the main action (around the Tree) and help Bette the Bee on her mission, or spend time with other characters, such as the Sun or the Exterminator. (She is a bit scary, but not really!) Children can stay with their accompanying adult or explore on their own. Most of the action takes place in one large space where children are within sight at all times. (There are some activities in a freely-accessible adjacent room). Adults are also welcome to explore and interact with the characters. The duration of the show is one hour.

Our previous productions have been aimed at an adult audience, but The Bee and the Tree writing team has extensive experience in creating child-focussed work that entertains, educates and challenges young people.

Several of our gifted performers are experienced primary educators, most have worked in children’s theatre before and all have completed a Working with Children Check.