Critically acclaimed Sydney theatre company, Mongrel Mouth, take children’s theatre to a new level in the premiere of The Bee and the Tree, an interactive theatrical playground where the kids are immersed in the story and get to choose their own adventure. A magical world where the rules are riddles, trees can talk and the sun sings. This is theatre where you don’t have to sit down and be quiet.

A fun interactive world world where the rules are riddles, bugs can talk, the sun sings and only one tree remains. This is Bette the bee’s home. While out searching for flowers, Bette finds a group of lost walking bees. Having believed that she and Queen Bee were the last remaining bees, Bette brings them to her home where they meet her friends, Grub, Spider and the very sick old last Tree. Two villagers, the Bumbelle Sisters come to the Tree looking for food but the insects chase them away. Doreen brings back the Exterminator to rid the Tree of bugs. Bette seeks advice from her old and new friends as she journeys far from the hive and takes great risks to save the tree and her home.

Dates 14-17, 21-24 April, 2016

Times 11:30am and 1:30am, 2 shows daily, duration 1 hour

Venue Leichhardt Town Hall, 107 Norton St Leichhardt Sydney

Tickets All ages $20

Ages Suitable for infants to ten-year-olds and the big kid in us all