An immersive thriller that headlined The Sydney Fringe Festival in 2017 for a four week season.

‘A must-experience, unique theatrical performance. Go with a friend, and get lost in whatever ‘adventure’ it may turn out to be.’  Georgia Cassimatis Whats On Sydney

‘Mongrel Mouth expose us to the borderless possibilities of the infinite when it comes to theatre.’

“…a dark thriller-style experience that has the potential to spiral into bitter violence and expose raw and gritty aspects of human nature.” – Emily Richardson Upstage Reviews

 This unique multi-sensory thriller allowed the audience  to move freely throughout the 20 rooms and simultaneous scenes to  follow the thread of the story they chose and  determine the outcome of the story.

Set  in an abandoned building  the audience must decode their environment and  the characters clues. A serial killer is due for the next kill and people begin disappearing. What is real and who is part of the show? Someone they  trust is under suspicion. The life or death decisions they encounter reveal a twisted tale of lies and truths, forcing  them to decide who to believe. Who will be next ?

This show was suitable for ADULTS ONLY as it may be disorienting, contained nudity,  extreme violence, graphic imagery, low level and strobe lighting.

Playwrights: Duncan Maurice, Sharon Zeeman Director Producer: Duncan Maurice Cast: Rizcel Gagawanan, Jasper Garner Gore, Moreblessing Maturure, Benjamin Wang, Sharon Zeeman Composer: David Herrero Set Design: Gemma O’Nions